Our Activities

To our core competency we added the physical logistics and some industrial related activities.

These supplementary tasks were successfully executed in respect of our commitment to always deliver the customers’ expectations.

We have indeed financially support our logistics capabilities in order to sustain competency and notoriety. We have also invested in talented men and women so that to entirely fulfill the customers' requirements.

When we have a contract with a client we meet always the agreed timelines. We also provide the required services that the clients are expecting. The satisfaction of our partners is a goal. That's the reason why we add value to our mission so that to maintain the business relations with clients:

In brief we can enumerate the following tasks as a summary of the activities we are handling within SERAMAR :

The diving and maritime work service

SERAMAR diving and Engineering have an approval of the State of Côte d'ivoire. This approval was delivered by the Maritime and Harbour Businesses authority. It principal activities :

  • Chains mothers, replacement, repair
  • Consolidation of quays by resins
  • Grutage of accessories of boats with quay (200 tons maximum)
  • Grutage of engines of boats with quay
  • Dangle, replacements, repairs
  • Pose and/or maintenance of "dead-men"
  • Maintenance of ports and moorings
  • Careenage (pleasure boats, fishing vessels, barges)
  • Beaconings of beaches
  • Visual inspections of hulls, propellers
  • Cleanings of propellers, hulls
  • Pose, replacement or welding of anodes
  • Recovery of lost dampings
  • Recovery of objects lost in the ports
  • Reinflation of yachts
  • Catches of sights photographs and/or video
  • Structures building Assistance
  • Structures maintenance and consolidation
  • Metallical structures Cutting (sheeting piles, piles…)
  • Installation of formwork, immersed concrete
  • Pose gabions
  • Installation of coffer dams, sheeting piles
  • Sealing
  • Anchoring


This service consists in supplying food, spare parts, maintenance materials and even working tools, the ships in stopover at Abidjan and San Pedro harbor (Roads external and with quay). This service exists since the company creation in 1998.

The Storing Service

This service consists in the storage of goods coming from the ships.

Navigations et Système VTS

The system of vessel traffic management (VTS: Vessel Traffic Service) is a system provides a real time picture of ship movements in a given surveillance area. This allows real-time monitoring :

  • secure major navigation
  • to obtain as soon as possible and maintain radio contact with the ship
  • at any time to know the position and identity the ship
  • to provide traffic control
  • to provide, at their request, assistance to vessels
  • prepare and monitor their ship (a dock management positions)
  • ensure a continuous listening watch (HF and VHF)

SERAMAR has specialized in installing this technology with its partner TRANSAS the VTS of the Port of Lome in January 2011.

The Sailors Transport Service

As it name, this service consists on the sailors transportation from the ships to the airport via the hotel. It also ensures the sailors touristy visit in Abidjan and on various places of interest.

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