SERAMAR is a Limited liability company (S.A.R.L), which operates in 70% in maritime logistics.

The solid experience of the company during the past years and the support of its customers enabled SERAMAR to launch its scope towards other sectors of activities.

Thus for more than 5 years, SERAMAR has diversified its offers. The well articulated activities give more complementarities of services to our clients. Definitively our valuable customers are looking for credible partners delivering high quality of services.

In an increasingly competing world, SERAMAR has succeeded to build a strong reputation of African company thanks to the quality services offered.

I- Reason to deal with us

It's a big advantage to work with SERAMAR. This company combines the quality to the best rates offered. Our services are invoiced at very competitive prices. We know how to realize savings because we know to work and how to purchase goods for clients. Due to our size we have mastered our overall costs which enable to offer lower rates of services compared to the competition. The customer satisfaction leads us to invest in the appropriate educations in order to keep up the staff competencies. We are definitively committed to share these advantages with our customers that contribute to our existence. So please let meet for a reliable business partnership to benefit to our competitive rates for better services offered. .

II - Location

SERAMAR's most activities are localized in West Africa. Precisely from Abidjan, in the port area of the economic capital of Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), our professional interventions are thoroughly planned and executed. To keep in touch with the business, we have based our head office in Vridi closed to the fishing port.

However for more reactivity and flexibility, we have an operational center for the diving and engineering department.

Our Vision

Being a well know credible African company in the maritime’s field has been the vision of the company’s owner since a decade.

The concretization of this ambition has been developed in UEMOA Economic grouping zone, in West Africa, where SERAMAR is localized.

Based to the various challenges which had been faced in the past years, the ambition had been enriched and translated as follow :
To be a leading African Company in professional diving, in maritime logistics and in Industrial related activities.

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